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Fabric Ottomans

Often used as a resting place for tired feet, an ottoman is a brilliant accent for any room in the house.

Fabric ottomans can add a touch of simplicity, elegance or practicality to any combination of room furniture.

Some fabric ottomans can even serve a double purpose, as they not only make great foot stools but several styles of fabric ottomans are made hollow to use for storage.

While ottomans can be found in many different materials including, leather and vinyl, the most common and most popular are, of course, fabric and upholstered ottomans. These foot stools which come in varying sizes, colors and patterns make for a great addition to a living room or den, with the fabric storage ottoman becoming increasingly popular in recent years.

fabric ottomansMost people tend to want to locate an ottoman that matches their current home decor or, more specifically, their couch, love seat or lounge chair.

Fabric ottomans are most often the best choice to match, due to the fact that they come in many different colors and weave patterns that can easily be matched to that of another piece of furniture.

When you are shopping for fabric or upholstered ottomans, you should make sure that you know how much space is available in the room that you wish to place the ottoman in. An already cluttered or tight room would need a smaller ottoman, while a large, open room could certainly handle a bigger or longer fabric ottoman.

You should also take note of the colors, sizes and patterns of the furniture you have located in your room where you desire to add an ottoman. You do not want to purchase fabric ottomans that are wider than the furniture pieces they are destined to rest in front of. This would cause an awkward look within the room. One exception is when you're buying a fabric storage ottoman, or a coffee table ottoman; these can be wider than the average ottoman.

You will want to find fabric ottomans that will accent and compliment the colors and lighting that are already present in the room. A darker colored ottoman will bring out the best of light colored furniture while lighter colored ottomans will not.

fabric ottomanIf you wish to select a piece that will compliment almost any other furniture item in the room, you should consider choosing fabric ottomans that are both simple in design and consist of neutral colors.

Another thing you will want to think about when purchasing an ottoman is whether or not you would like additional storage space in the room in question.

If you need an extra place to store blankets and possibly couch pillows, you should consider purchasing a storage ottoman, or coffee table ottoman, to suit your needs.

Remember that fabric ottomans are often very easily cared for and will provide a much easier way to match the colors and patterns of your home furniture than foot stools made of other materials.